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  A.Y //Ā loneliness runs through our veins (via 2wentysixletters)

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Her beauty has become my Neptune, conjuring with its presents seas that dwell in my heart to swell into waves and crush on the bare shores of my chest
Drowning, consumed by the depths of this artesian I can only think of how
Her skin is a sun soaked valley of Egyptian sand undulating and encrusting the dunes of her womanhood
How her lips are the pit of an overripe peach blown away from the branches of her smile by the susurrus of her breath
Or how her teeth are a symmetry of twins pale as a waning moon and upon its crescent torches even the night of my darkest moments
Even her eyes,Da Vinci’s brush captures joy and paints with each stroke Mona Lisa’s smile onto my face.
She is the key that has unchained my soul from its body into a world where she is a deity and I the devoted priest to her religion.

If only I was a native of her body , a drop of sweat free to drip down her skin loosing myself with each distance until I am nothing,nothing but a stain of salt preserving the secrets of her flesh from decay.
Or the apple to her Eve, a providence of truth that opens her eyes to cloth the nakedness of her pains with the garments of my embrace.
Maybe then my heart would know peace, for each moment I spend severed from her my mind roars like the night of a revolution.
Igniting my veins with unbearable desire that can only be quenched when the seas of my heart are made to swell and drown me once more.